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The Honest Waffle

Todays  Breakfast  Special THE  HONEST  WAFFLE ​​​Our flavorful Citrus infused Belgian waffle In between Real fresh whipping cream ​​​Chef’s natural ​​​Strawberry compote ​​​With fresh berries​​  16.95 ​​​Add side of eggs​​​  3.95 ​​​Ask for our Mimosa’s

Eggs Benedict Florentine

Eggs Benedict Florentine Served for Breakfast all week! Veggie PUFFPASTRY with cream cheese and all the toppings… spinach, mushrooms, herbs. Served with country potatoes $15.95  

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict, Danish cured ham, poached eggs, and chef’s hollandaise! Served for Breakfast! Only at The Andersen’s Danish Bakery & Restaurant 1106 State Street #SantaBarbara (805) 962-5085


THE BREAKFAST CLUB HAM & CHEESE OMELETTE Danish cured ham and mozzarella cheese country potatoes 10.95 PANCAKES & EGGS Citrus infused pancakes Syrups Fresh eggs of choice 10.95 BREAKFAST SANDWICH Toasted sourdough Danish cured ham Cheese over medium egg Country potatoes 10.95 Add jalapeño ………………… 1.95 Add avocado……………….. 1.95 1106 State Street, Santa Barbara CA...

Economy Breakfast Club

The Economy Breakfast Club is here! Choose from delicious Ham & Cheese Omelette, Pancakes & Eggs, or our Breakfast Egg Sandwich $10.95 every day! At Andersen’s Bakery & Restaurant 1106 State Street, Santa Barbara

Quiche Lorraine

The QUICHE Lorraine with tender rich crust and fluffy eggs Perfect for breakfast or brunch

Quinoa Fruit Bowl

NEW Quinoa Fruit Bowl !  Spiced Quinoa Served with creamy Ricotta, Hot Steamed Milk (choice of Almond, Soy or Cow milk), Topped with Fresh Fruit. 🍓🍏🍓🍌🍎🍏🍌🍇🍓


ERIK THE RED’S SCHNITZEL & EGGS BENEDICT Our ground chicken Breakfast patty Infused with Flavorful herbs Very juicy Lightly breaded Pan sautéed Poached eggs Chef’s hollandaise Country potatoes 14.95 Add jalapeno 1.95 Add avocado 2.00 VIKING MIMOSA’S Special2 for 14.00

BREAKFAST SPECIAL for the week of April 16

MULLER & GOSS BREAKFAST SPECIAL CORNED BEEF HASH BROWN Tender slow cooked Flavorful Corned beef pieces Mixed in Crispy hash brown Chef’s sunny side egg on top 13.95 add jalapeño 1.95 add avocado 1.95 add bacon 1.95 POTATO WAFFLE Flavorful Herb seasoned Light potato waffle Glazed onions And cubed Danish ham Chef’s sunny side egg...

Santa Barbara Breakfast Special

Santa Barbara Breakfast! 2 Fresh Eggs of Choice Crisp Bacon or Flavorful Sausage and Chef’s Hashbrown Potatoes $9.95 Monday through Friday 8am to 10am