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ANYTHING from Andersen’s is my favorite! …cinnamon rolls, petit fours, sugar cookies, EVERYTHING!
Marty / Cinnamon Danish
I love your marzipan pastries. Now, I must tell you I’m in love again.your Lemon Curd Kringle is absolutely delicious. I’m driving from Los Angeles for more. Thank you for being the best anywhere.
Regina / Lemon Kringle
Incredible pastry. Tried these when visiting Santa Barbara in January. Just ordered two-Yum!!!
Butterring SPECIAL (Ship anywhere in U.S. for $14)
John H. / Butterring
Simply put, this is one of the most delicious things on Earth
Cinnamon Kringle Strip
Richard G. / Cinnamon Kringle
My daughter, who lives in SB, brought some of these home for my birthday party..... After a few people had a piece EVERYONE had a piece…then another. This is legitimately one of the BEST DESSERTS I HAVE EVER EATEN. Not only is it beautiful (and, we’ve since learned, freezes really nicely) but it is fabulously delicious.
Carissa / Mazarin with Florentine
I am so excited that I can order these from Portland!! This humble butter ring is a luscious, rich, perfectly balanced pastry that haunts my dreams. When my friend Jim introduced this to me 10 years ago I never expected that like him I would develop a life long love of Mrs Anderson’s pastry. I can’t wait for the delivery!!!
Butterring SPECIAL (Ship anywhere in U.S. for $14)
Lisa / Butterring

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