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Raspberry & Custard Spandauer Danish Pastries

Fresh in the bakery! Raspberry Spandauer Danish Pastries & Custard Spandauer Danish ! Authentic flaky Danish pastry rolled with a little marzipan and real butter. Filled with delicious raspberry jam or custard Topped with slivered almonds. Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon treat. Get them in the bakery or order the Raspberry Spandauer online >

Apple Galettes

New in the bakery Apple Galettes! Made with Fresh Apples and Brown Sugar Nestled in flaky Puffpaste $4.95

Princess Waffles

Princess Waffles Comfort pick me upper and very tasty Similar to a soft Almond Brittle Filled with butter and cream Dipped in dark chocolate! Only in our Bakery in Santa Barbara. 1106 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 on the corner of State and Figueroa Street.


Flødebolle Soft creamy meringue on an almond macaroon cookie Dipped in rich dark Chocolate! a Nordic cultural delicacy   Only in our Bakery on 1106 State Street, Santa Barbara

Happiness Is A Warm Kringle

Kringles are butter-layered Danish pastries with a rich history. In fact the Kringle symbol means “home of the baker”.