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Valentine's High Tea Menu in Santa Barbara at Andersen's Danish Bakery & Restaurant
Valentine’s High Tea! (served daily)

Valentine’s High Tea! (served daily) Valentine’s Cream pastries, cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches, scones, smoked salmon sandwiches, Valentine Heart cookies, apple strudels, tea options with whip cream, sugar and cream. And a bottle of Champagne! Available as a to-go Kit or in-store dining. Served daily from now through Valentine’s week! Call 805-962-5085 to reserve your…

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Fresh Strawberries Dipped in divine chocolate Drizzled with white chocolate The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Pick them and a bottle of bubbly up at Andersen’s 1106 State Street. Order online >>

Valentine's Day Desserts
Get your Valentine’s Desserts! 💕

Get your Valentine’s Desserts at Andersen’s! 💕 Heart Cakes, Love Cookies, Heart Kringle, Strawberry Tarts, Petit Fours, Chocolate dipped Strawberries & Champagne! Order Pastry online at Reserve cakes at Pick up breakfast/lunch/dinner or call to order (805) 962-5085 Visit Andersen’s Danish Bakery & Restaurant at 1106 State Street #santabarbara

Curry Chicken Lunch Andersens
New! Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken now on the menu !!! Chicken breast lightly pan sautéed, served with a mild curry sauce, topped with sautéed mushrooms and basil, slivered almonds, with a side of white rice.

Turkey Roast Santa Barbara

Turkey Roast Tuesday and Wednesday! Slow roasted tender juicy turkey roast, garlic whipped potatoes, cranberry apple sauce, roasted sweet potato, Syrah demi-glaze. Duck and Scandinavian Pork Roast this Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Tender slow roasted pork, mashed potatoes, red cabbage, bacon apples, Syrah demi-glaze. We are Open this week Tuesday, Wednesday Closed Thursday Thanksgiving Day and…

Sticky Toffee Cake with Dates

Sticky toffee cake with California dates Bathed with caramel sauce and Sprinkled with almond slivers. Served with Vanilla Ice cream, caramel sauce & some whipped cream… Come enjoy with a nice Iced Latte to make you smile! For a limited time.

The Honest Waffle

Todays  Breakfast  Special THE  HONEST  WAFFLE ​​​Our flavorful Citrus infused Belgian waffle In between Real fresh whipping cream ​​​Chef’s natural ​​​Strawberry compote ​​​With fresh berries​​  16.95 ​​​Add side of eggs​​​  3.95 ​​​Ask for our Mimosa’s

French Brie Sandwich!

French Brie Sandwich! Creamy French brie With a grilled peach, Balsamic syrup on our bread With a tossed green salad Serving Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Watermelon & Mint Feta Salad

Watermelon & Mint Feta Salad! On the menu through this weekend! Juicy watermelon, fresh mint, almonds, feta cheese, and a honey balsamic reduction.

Eggs Benedict Florentine

Eggs Benedict Florentine Served for Breakfast all week! Veggie PUFFPASTRY with cream cheese and all the toppings… spinach, mushrooms, herbs. Served with country potatoes $15.95